Media Articles

An evolving list of media coverage of advocacy strategy in action. Useful for identifying what works and doesn’t, including as case studies in a formal training, or just keeping up to date on the latest social change innovations.

At Last, a Climate Policy Platform that Can Unite the Left (David Roberts, Vox)

A thorough review of how various left interest groups are navigating the politics and policy of addressing climate change, building momentum around proposals that the left can agree on, and moving forward without the expectation of Republican support. 

How To Demand A Medical Breakthrough: Lessons From The AIDS Fight (Nureth Aizenman, NPR) 

An excellent analysis of the critical role anger can play in driving change, including the benefits of tying that anger to a political strategy and the potential downsides of undirected rage. Also good examples of using “outside” and “inside” tactics simultaneously to achieve policy goals.

Why Protests Work (Zeynep Tufecki, The Atlantic)

Puts the most recent Blacks Lives Matter protests in context of the academic research on how protests movements create change or don’t and why the early indicators are positive.